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16 Upper Mill

River Sheaf

Upper Mill Map of Abbeydale

The River Sheaf in Abbeydale

The site was used as a corn mill in 1625. It was still being operated as a corn mill in 1833 but by 1839, the name had changed to Totley Scythe Mill.

It was demolished in about 1852 and a house, now called Totley Grove, was built on the site.

A house and a barn now stand on the site. The mill and the grinding wheel were positioned between the two, on ground that is now cleared. A small dam occupied what is now the garden.

Water was supplied to the mill from Old Hay Brook and Needham's Dyke, which flows from the south west and still passes through the garden of Totley Grove. The weir was on the west side of Old Hay bridge.

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