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The Tilt Hammer

A CD Rom celebrating
Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

The unique Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet Museum contains the actual buildings, structures and machinery used to turn raw materials into finished cutting edge tools. It used water-power and the strength and skill of Sheffield artisans to turn crude blister steel into high quality cast steel and then into fine scythes and other agricultural edge tools.

Using this CD Rom you can wander around the site looking at the processes which took place; the equipment that was used and the products at each stage of their manufacture. Your tour can also include visits to the homes of the people who lived and worked at the Hamlet.

Water Wheel
Gear Mechanism Discover the true meaning of Working at Full Tilt and Keeping your nose to the Grindstone and see what was the Cutting Edge of Technology in the 18th Century.

This CD brings together an extensive range of information, text; illustrations; photographs; animations and videos. It documents the development of the Abbeydale Works from the 12th Century to the present day.

The CD Rom places Abbeydale Hamlet into its context, as one of a number of water-powered works on the River Sheaf. The Sheaf is one of the five rivers of Sheffield used extensively for water-powered manufacture, until the introduction of steam power and the Factory System changed the way Sheffield's industry operated. Grinder

Unfortunately the Hamlet CD Rom is now 'out of print' and is currently unavailable.

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