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(5) The Blowing Engine Wheel

The Blowing Engine Wheel provides power for the Bellows for the Tilt Forge hearths. It is 4.4 metres in diameter but only 0.6 metres wide.

Overshot Wheel

This wheel is an overshot wheel. This means that the water flowing away acts as a brake because it is moving in the opposite direction to the wheel.

The water comes from the same pentrough as the Tilt Wheel, through a pipe which carries it over the wheel.

The blowing engine cams are fixed on the wheel axle inside the forge.

Blowing Engine Wheel - side view Blowing Engine Wheel - front view
Cams for the Blowing Engine

As the axle turns, the cams push a piston up and down. This piston blows air into the forge hearth.

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