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(5) The Tilt Wheel

The Tilt hammer wheel is the largest of the four wheels on the Abbeydale site. It is a high breast shot wheel.

Backshot Wheel

Water falls onto the wheel buckets high up at the back of the wheel. The weight of the water pulls the buckets down.

After the water has fallen, it flows away under the wheel in the same direction as the wheel is turning. It then runs back to the River Sheaf along the tail goit.

Pentrough Water from the dam is fed through a pentrough. This controls the rate at which the water falls on to the wheel and so controls the speed of the wheel.

Inside the pentrough is a sluice or gate which can be raised or lowered to control the flow of water over the wheel.

There are two pentroughs at Abbeydale, one for the Tilt Wheel and one for the Grinding Hull Wheel. The other wheels are also fed from these two pentroughs.

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