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(17) The Steam Engine

In 1885 a high pressured steam engine was brought on to the site and was housed in front of the Grinding Hull.

It was built by Davy Brothers of Sheffield.

It was an additional source of power for use when the water level in the dam dropped too low to operate the water-wheels.

The Steam Engine
The engine operated the grinding machinery, not the tilt hammers. Grinding was the most important process on the site.

It is a simple single cylinder horizontal engine working at a pressure of 0.42 N per sq.cm.

It produces about 11000 watts (15 hp) of power, running at between 60 and 100 strokes per minute.

Davy Steam Engine
The speed is regulated by a centrifugal governor. This keeps mechanism keeps the engine running at a fixed speed.

It is turned by the hub of the fly wheel. As it spins, the heavy ball weights move outwards. The faster it spins, the more they move out.

As the balls move further, they pull a sliding ring up the axle.

Fast Engine running too fast so the lever closes the steam valve
This ring operates through a lever mechanism on the steam inlet valve. This causes the valve to open up if the engine is too slow or close if the engine is too fast. Slow Engine running too slow so the lever opens the steam valve

This is the end of the Power Trail

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