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(19) The Manager

The role of the manager was to supervise the running of the site, hire labour, decide on expansion and cut-backs and to find markets for the finished goods.

In 1881, when the Tyzack family were operating on the site, William Tyzack, at the age of 65, undertook a Northern Ireland journey to sell the firm's goods. During the 1880's, Frederick Tyzack travelled to France, Germany and Australia.

The last site manager when it was in production was Colonel Wilfred S. Tyzack, great-great grandson of the founder of the firm. He joined the firm in 1926.

In 1870 - 1880, the work force at Abbeydale was at its peak:

  • 4 in the steel furnace shop
  • 2 in the tilt forge
  • 10 grinders
  • 12- 15 hand forgers.
Others worked in the warehouse and offices and in looking after the machinery and transporting goods.

By 1914, the workforce was 24.

By 1930, the workforce was 14.

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