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The Early History

MAP1 Map of the River Sheaf flowing in to Sheffield from the south. It shows the positions of Abbeydale Works (the Hamlet) and Beauchief Abbey
Beauchief Abbey was founded some time between 1173 AD and 1176 AD by Robert FitzRanulf of Alfreton. Robert was Sheriff of Nottingham and Derby and Lord of the Manor of Norton. ABBEY2
ABBEY1 The land given to the Abbey included the area around Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. Properties owned by the abbey included three corn mills, a fulling mill (for woollen cloth), and an iron smithy. The monks owned the rights to charcoal making in the surrounding woodland.
In 1496 AD, Beauchief Abbey leased the site to Roger Eyre. He used it as a bloom hearth or smithy.

By 1570 AD, William Humfrey was smelting lead on the site. One of the fields (now under the dam) was known as Sinder field or Sinder Hills - probably because of the lead slag or cinders it contained.

In 1581 AD, there was a smelting house containing two furnaces and two pairs of bellows.

By 1613 AD, Charles North was probably the owner of the site and possibly the Lord of the Manor for this area.

Beauchief Hall

Beauchief Hall

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