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(19) The Manager's House

This house was built around 1838. It is a two storey building, with a kitchen and living room on the ground floor and three bedrooms upstairs.

Manager's House

House Plan It has been furnished to show what a lower middle class Victorian home would have looked like around the 1890's.

The house has a flagged courtyard at the front and a garden at the back which contains a two seater earth toilet.

The inside of the manager's house clearly shows the difference in wealth between the manager and the workers.

Kitchen/Parlour: the largest room which was used most of the time. It was still lit by oil lamps at the beginning of the 20th Century although gas lighting was in use in Sheffield town.

Living room: used on special occasions - Sundays or for entertaining visitors. The most prized possessions were kept here.

Bedrooms: three bedrooms upstairs show that the parents and children had some privacy.

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