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(18) The Worker's Cottage

These cottages were used by different people who worked on the site.

They were built between 1786 and 1793, although the one that has been restored shows what living conditions were like in the 1840s.


Inside the cottage

There are three basic rooms in each cottage, a living room, kitchen and upstairs bedroom.

Traditionally the 'forgemaster' and his 'heater lad' who operated the Tilt Forge, lived in one of them.

Living room: the family would spend most of the time here. It was simply furnished with items handed down. Decoration was simple - peg rugs, plant pots, brass and pewter ware. The chalk border on the stone flagged floor is a Sheffield tradition.
inside Kitchen: the main feature is the range (fire) used for cooking and heating water. There was no oven - the furnaces or a communal oven would have been used for baking.

Bedroom: Only one full bedroom. The large landing at the top of the stairs served as a small bedroom for the children or an apprentice lodging with the family.

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