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The Steel Making Trail


(1) The Pot Shop and Charge Room

The steel making process starts in the south west corner of the Hamlet. Inside the Furnace building, stairs lead down from the Furnace House to the Pot Shop where the special crucibles are made.

POT SHOP2 The clay for the pots is prepared by puddling (treading) to remove air bubbles. Any air bubbles in the clay could explode when the crucible is heated. The clay is then moulded into shape using the pot moulds.

The pot moulds can be seen leaning against the wall in the background. The puddling floor is in the foreground.

Stairs lead up from the Furnace House to the Charge Room (above the Pot Shop).

The raw materials for the steel are prepared in here.

CHARGE ROOM A set of scales and a charge tray stand on the floor. In the background is a hammer and anvil for breaking the charge into small pieces so that it will all fit in the crucible for melting.

This part of the process is just like preparing the ingredients for a cooking recipe.

When they are ready, the raw materials are put into a charge tray and taken down stairs to the furnace.

Next Stop on the tour : (2) The Crucible Furnaces
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