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Picture Gallery
We have been taking many digital photographs at Abbeydale Hamlet, as well as in and around Sheffield. we have put some of them up here in this gallery.

At the moment, we have four sets available. More will be added as we work on them.

Each set has a list of thumbnails, with details of the size of the full size jpeg image. Click on the thumbnails to download the full size version. some are available in several sizes.

Some of the images are available as high resolution A4 photoprints which you can purchase. Please contact us for details.

Please read the copyright notice below.

Set 1 - Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, Sheffield.
Set 2 - Shepherd Wheel, on the River Porter, Sheffield.
Set 3 - Pictures of Sheffield.
Set 4 - Sheffield and Tinsley Canal.

In addition to the pictures in the gallery, there are some more pictures in the Free wallpaper section where you will find pictures that you can download to use as backgrounds for your desk top.

You can also download some free jigsaw puzzles to run on your Windows computer.

Copyright notice :
These pictures remain our copyright but you may use them for your own purposes, provided that :
1. you do not include them in material which is then sold;
2. you acknowledge the source of the pictures and include a link to www.tilthammer.com.
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Page last updated on 24th January 2005
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